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Spendthrift Congress: Proof is in the Voting Records

The National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) recently completed their annual analysis of the fiscal voting records of Congress. Their June 22 press release summarizes the voting record for 2005. It says, “The one-of-a-kind analysis . . . measures the dollar impact of all voting activity on the floor of the House and Senate, (and) shows that the average Representative supported five cents in federal spending reductions for every dollar of increases, while the Senate's ratio was just two cents on the dollar.”

NTUF adds: “VoteTally totals were nearly indistinguishable between Democrats ($178.1 billion) and Republicans ($168.3 billion) in the House, although party differences were somewhat greater in the Senate ($217.0 billion for Democrats versus $183.0 billion for Republicans).”

The press release provides a link to the entire policy paper (#159) as well as detailed reports for each member of Congress.