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The Arlington County Board's 'Way' or the Highway?

As most Arlington voters know, all five members of the current Board are Democrats. However, for nearly a decade now, Arlington’s GOP has been allotted 20% of the seats on the many commissions and entities established by the Board. According to the Arlington Sun-Gazette, the arrangement was known as the “Eisenberg Amendment,” after former County Board member Al Eisenberg (D), who “helped make the deal with the Republicans.”

Apparently the Amendment is no more as the Board on July 11 refused to appointment two of the Republican members of their Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission (FAAC). They also did not reappoint one Democrat to the Planning Commission. The Arlington Sun-Gazette’s Scott McCaffrey reported that the head of the local county said that “in the long run, local residents would be the losers in this grab for total control.”

Here is the Sun-Gazette’s original story. And the DC Examiner’s story by David Francis today.