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United Nations: Pushing for Global Taxation Schemes

A research paper last month from the National Taxpayers Union discusses the UN’s efforts to build on a resolution passed at its September 2000 World Summit “to eradicate third-world poverty.” In addition, “(i)t also created the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of eight objectives that would work toward halving world poverty by 2015.” One of the tax schemes was a 0.7% tax on “gross national income” which several of Europe’s socialistic countries, e.g., Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, have already fulfilled. And of course, the French have proposed a global airline tax, which was scheduled to begin on July 1,

The various schemes beg the question of whether any can even begin to eradicate poverty. The NTU study notes, “Many third-world nations suffer from corrupt governments, a dearth of civil and political rights, and an absence of free markets . . . (the effort) would ultimately fail to address the long term causes of poverty in third-world nations. In fact, the World Bank’s Development Reports have consistently shown that free markets, not constant supplies of aid, are the fastest and most reliable means of placing developing nations on the track toward economic growth”

The NTU adds that giving the UN powers of taxation would be “a slippery slope away from state sovereignty and towards UN governance,” adding, "Thankfully, the Bush Administration has condemned recent international taxation schemes, including the 0.7 percent GNI tax, which could cost the U.S. $80 billion annually.”