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With All Those Planners, and Arlington County Still Gets It Wrong

The Arlington Sun-Gazette will report in Thursday’s edition that the County Board approved additions to “a host of Arlington County government construction contracts.” Projects include the Shirlington Library/Theatre ($542,000), Trades Center in Shirlington ($500,000), the Shirlington Bus Transfer Station (original estimated cost $4.3 million; new estimate is $5.7 million), and Fire Station #3 (no amount reported).

The increased cost for the Trades Center was attributed to a design error, which county officials will try to recoup from the architect. As county budget hawk Bob Atkins might say, “Mistakes were made.” Perhaps the mistake too many Arlington taxpayers make is trusting far too much of their taxes to the local government poobahs in Arlington County?

More details on any of the above can be found in the County Manager’s “board reports” (items 30, 31, 33, 34, and 35) on the Arlington County Board’s July 8 agenda.