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Latest Congressional Fiscal Ratings

The National Taxpayers Union recently released the 28th annual fiscal scorecard of Congress. According to NTU, their methodology is “the only one to utilize every roll call vote affecting tax, spending, and regulatory issues,” and “is widely considered to be the most comprehensive measurement of each lawmaker’s stance on fiscal policy.” NTU also noted:

“During 2006, 61 lawmakers attained Taxpayer Scores sufficient for a grade of “A” (at least 84 percent in the Senate and 70 percent in the House), and hence were eligible for the “Taxpayers’ Friend Award” – a significant jump from the 44 who earned top grades in 2005. Meanwhile, 224 Senators and Representatives captured the title of “Big Spender” for posting “F” grades in 2006 (versus 227 the year before). The Senate’s 2006 “F” threshold was 24 percent or less, while the House’s was 23 percent or less.”

The best that can be said for Arlington’s representative in the House, Rep. Jim Moran (D) is that he was consistent in the 109th Congress, earned an F with scores of 15% in each session. The average House scores for the two sessions were 40% and 39%. In the Senate, both Sen. George Allen (R) and Sen. John Warner (R) earned B’s in each session with scores ranging from 67% to 81%.

For precise information about NTU’s methodology, as well as the ratings and scores of all members of Congress, see the special supplements available at the bottom of their press release.


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