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Metro Hires First Inspector General

“To boost oversight,” today’s Washington Post reports that:

“Metro's board of directors appointed the first inspector general in agency history yesterday in an effort to improve oversight and track how money is managed.”

The Post reports that Metro has an operating budget of $1.2 billion and a capital budget of $700 million as well as 10,000. Not much larger than local government (county + public schools) in Arlington. The new IG will have a staff of 27, which by the way is very much larger than Arlington’s internal audit function.

By comparison, the internal audit function for Arlington County is one of three units that report to the Accounting Department, which has a total of 11 positions. The Arlington Public Schools doesn’t even have a formal internal audit unit. Guess that leaves oversight to the Arlington County Board. Just trust me said the used car salesman! It will be interesting to learn whether the Arlington County Board member, who sits on t he Metro board, voted for a new IG. If he did, will that move up the day when Arlington County taxpayers have someone to look over how their taxes get treated?


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