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More on the Porky Pigs in Congress

Yesterday, we growled that the appropriators in Congress had not learned a thing from the November elections despite professing otherwise. Today’s editorial cartoon in the DC Examiner provides a perfect albeit slightly partisan graphic if you believe a picture is worth 1,000 words.

While at the Examiner’s website, the editorial last Friday picked-up on the theme of Congressional pork. The editorial asks:

“What is it about an appropriations measure that causes sober-minded, hard-working members of Congress to see nothing more than a tax-paid cornucopia of goodies to bestow on friends, neighbors, family members, political allies and anybody else perceived as being potentially helpful in the next election? Judging by the $20 billion in pork found by The Examiner’s Charles Hurt in the Iraq supplemental funding bill before Congress, it would be no surprise to see the ghost of Sir Robert Walpole happily wandering about Capitol Hill.”

The editorial went on to explain that Wadpole was perhaps the most corrupt politician in British history, and it concludes that “(T)he same corrupting process of using public funds to buy congressional votes – lobbyists call it ‘Christmas treeing’ – has become business-as-usual in Congress.”


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