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Promises, Promises, but Taxpayers Still the Stickees

And who you ask is doing the sticking? None other than the appropriators in Congress. Robert Novak writes in today’s Washington Post:

“As part of "Sunshine Week," meant to promote transparent government, the Office of Management and Budget was supposed to release a comprehensive database last Monday revealing the number and cost of earmarks since 2005. It did not. Word on Capitol Hill was that OMB was muzzled by the White House for fear of offending powerful congressional appropriators.

“Meanwhile, the Senate Appropriations subcommittee staffs under Democratic control are privately asking individual senators for earmark requests, without much transparency. That would seem to make a sham of the pledge by Appropriations Chairman Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va) to ‘place a moratorium on all earmarks until a reformed process is put in place.’”

In case you needed a cherry on top of that, Novak writes:

“An even stronger example of the resiliency of the congressional pork purveyors is the appropriators' noncompliance with the ethics bill that passed the Senate 96 to 2 but awaits final enactment.”


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