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Exercising by Reaching into Your Wallets

Scott McCaffrey of the Arlington Sun-Gazette begins his third story on the FY 2008 budget, which the County Board approved on Saturday by questioning county priorities. He begins:

“County government officials who want local residents to lead healthier lifestyles have come up with a new exercise routine for them: reaching into your wallet a few extra times.

“County Board members on April 21 approved higher fees for the government-run fitness center, with annual passes set to rise 26 percent for adults and 28.3 percent for seniors.

“A host of other park and recreation fees will rise, too, from admission to the skateboard facility at Powhatan Springs Park to participation in adult sports leagues to rental of a picnic shelter.”

Meanwhile, as proof of the adage that if they have it, they’ll spend it, Maria Hegstad of the Examiner writes that the budget, which the County Board approved on Saturday is “$14.9 million more than the budget the county manager originally recommended in February.

It is any wonder some see the only way to achieve limited government is to “starve the beast?”


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