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Finally Free . . . at Least This Year . . . Well, Almost

Today is Tax Freedom Day ® according to this study from the Tax Foundation. This year, Tax Freedom Day is April 30 – two days later than 2006, but six days earlier than 2000. Although April 30 is Tax Freedom Day nationwide, it ranges from May 20 in Connecticut to April 12 in Oklahoma.

For any young people visiting Growls, Table 1 in the Tax Foundation study provides the Tax Freedom Day and the percentage tax burden for selected years dating back to 1900. Some examples include:

Year/Tax Freedom Day/Taxes as a Percentage of Income

  • 1900/January 22/5.90%
  • 1910/January 19/5.02%
  • 1930/February 12/11.61%
  • 1960/April 12/27.88%
  • 1980/April 22/30.68%
  • 2007/April 30/32.69%

Add in the cost of regulation, as Americans for Tax Reform does for their Cost of Government Day, and government gets downright burdensome.



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