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Just How Much Blood is in that Turnip?

Scott McCaffrey of the Arlington Sun-Gazette has two stories reporting on Tuesday evening’s budget debate at the Civic Federation’s monthly meeting. First, he has one that covers the overall budget debate, and includes the Federation’s recommendation on a range of tax and spending issues. The second article deals with the “cornerstone” of the County Board chairman’s initiative to have county taxpayers subsidize the fight against global warming.

But what about the squeezing of that turnip? The answer is summed-up nicely, and includes a quote by Burt Bostwick, chairman of the Federation’s budget committee:

“Federation delegates agreed with (County Manager Ron) Carlee that the real estate tax rate could be maintained at 81.8 cents per $100 assessed value, but rejected his call for a new residential utility tax, which could cost households up to $6 per month.

“This new tax does seem a bit over the top,” Bostwick said, when added to a plethora of higher taxes and fees proposed in Carlee's spending package.”

The entire report of the Federation’s revenues and expenditures committee is available at the organization’s website.


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