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Latest Congressional Porker of the Month

Each month, Citizens Against Government Waste choose a lawmaker or government official who shows "a blatant disregard for the interests of taxpayers.

For April, CAGW “named Representative Don Young (R-Alaska), the “Congressman for all Alaska,” as Porker of the Month for defending earmarks and pledging to continue his state’s disproportionate harvest of federal tax dollars.” According to this CAGW press release:

“Earmarks  add to the national debt by acting as the gateway drug to Congress’s spending addiction.  Pork-barrel spending allows politicians to target benefits to specific groups at taxpayers’ expense.  That vote-buying mentality spills over into other areas of the budget, like entitlements, leading to higher overall spending.  Pork also conditions voters to re-elect incumbents based on their ability to “bring home the bacon.”  Democracy is corrupted when Congress stops acting in the national interest and becomes source of handouts to lobbyists and special interests“

Thanks to Rep. Young, Alaska is the “earmark welfare state, and according to OMB data it’s the “number one state in pork per capita.” BTW, the press release has the contact information if you care to tell April’s Porker of the Month what you think of his nomination. Afterall, pork per capita amounts to about $100 per person.


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