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More Unaccountable Government

This time it’s something called the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB). According to the editorial in today’s Examiner, last week the TPB “postponed a scheduled vote on an $882 million plan to convert existing” HOV lanes to HOT lanes that would “help ease congestion in Northern Virginia." The Examiner editorial explains how the HOT lanes would reduce congestion in a cost-effective way:

"The differences between HOV and HOT lanes are minimal, but the latter expands the advantages of the former. HOV lanes are free for emergency vehicles, buses and carpools. So are HOT lanes, but they also allow single-occupant vehicles — for a price. Ideologues object to Lexus drivers buying their way out of the Washington region’s legendary traffic jams. The poo-bahs would rather that everyone suffer equally, except, of course, single drivers in green chic hybrid vehicles who now can use HOV lanes for free.

“Converting HOV lanes to HOT lanes expands road capacity without laying new asphalt, raises money to subsidize remaining HOV lanes and eases congestion in regular lanes. Tolls on Interstates 95/395 and 66 would be set at a level needed to maintain free-flowing speeds up to 55 mph, yet low enough to maximize potential users.”

The editorial notes the virulent anti-car mentality of the region’s political elite, and closes thusly:

“The poo-bahs don’t say it outright, but their actions make clear they want neither new roads nor new ideas to relieve commuter misery because they believe misery will eventually force everybody to use Metro.”

Any Arlington taxpayers vote for members of the TPB?


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