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Saying So Doesn’t Make It So

David Schultz begins the Arlington Connection’s coverage of the County Board’s approval of the FY 2008 budget last Saturday by noting the frequency that Board chairman Paul Ferguson used “stability” to “describe the current financial situation of the county government.”

In years past, sustainability and fiscal prudence were popular ways of describing annual budgets passed by County Boards. Of course, past County Boards have had other priorities. Indeed, my recollection is that just last year, the top priority was so-called affordable housing. However, with global warming being the latest religion of liberals, there’s a new priority, according to Schultz, who notes:

“Board Member Barbara Favola (D) said that, with this year’s budget, there could be no mistaking that the environment is high on the list of the county’s concerns.

"Of all the budgets I’ve worked on, this one makes the most discernable statement," she said. "It is a well-articulated vision.”

Our view of the budget is much like Arlington’s budget sage, Wayne Kubicki, who said the following to the Connection:

"[Seven percent] growth is just too much," he said. "It's not sustainable and it's not warranted."


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