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Shaming Bureaucrats into Doing the Right Thing

According to yesterday’s Chicago Sun-Times, in 2004, the state passed the Line of Duty Compensation Act, which the Sun-Times says is “the most generous military death benefit offered by any state.” Under the law, the state paid out $27 million to 102 families. However, the paper reported:

“Four families that have waited more than a year to receive an approximately $277,000 death benefit from the state will be paid immediately, officials said, and 18 other families will get partial payments until more money is approved this month.”

Unfortunately, it took a threat by the lieutenant governor to hold a news conference today to light a fire under the state bureaucracy. The Sun-Times wrote:

“A day after Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn said the governor's budget department "dropped the ball" on funding state death benefits for fallen soldiers, both sides announced a deal to immediately infuse cash into the program.”

Amazing what you sometimes have to do to get government bureaucrats moving!


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