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Can Tax-‘n-Spenders Ever Tax Us Enough?

Today’s Washington Examiner reports that Northern Virginia “faces shortfall with transportation.” What’s going on? Didn’t the Republican-controlled General Assembly just pass a transportation bill (HB3202) that contains the needed money to pay for new roads and highways? And didn’t Governor Kaine (D) supposedly improve the bill to his liking?

According to the Examiner:

Northern Virginia faces a shortfall in transportation dollars, officials say, even with the passage of a massive roads and transit funding bill that would set aside millions of dollars each year.

“There is little consensus on the size of the deficit, however, or the extent to which the first large-scale transportation funding bill in more than two decades would alleviate the backlog year in projects deemed necessary for the region. Also in dispute is the cost of those improvements.

“The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority estimates about $664 million a year will be needed in roadway, rail and other improvements through 2030. Other estimates put the yearly price tag much higher.

“’[$664 million] is a realistic number in what it describes, these are identified capacity needs,’ said Del. Vivian Watts, D-Annandale, a former state transportation secretary. ‘But it’s not the whole ballgame. The real number is close to $1 billion a year, because you have all these ongoing costs of improvements that are needed for maximum function of our existing infrastructure.’”

Sure seems like some governmental bodies in Virginia need some adult supervision by the taxpayers. That certainly includes the unelected Northern Virginia Transportation Authority.


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