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Hey, We Just Pay the Taxes

Yes, the forgotten taxpayer. With so many politicians falling all over themselves catering to every special interest group imaginable, it’s not surprising that many taxpayers feel forgotten. Consequently, taxpayers may find Amity Shlaes’s newest book, “The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression,” of interest.

In April, she gave an address at the American Enterprise Institute, and spoke of how the 1936 election is helping to define the 2008 election. In announcing the event, AEI wrote the 2008 election reflects “an old political challenge.” Specifically, AEI wrote:

“Whether Democrat or Republican, candidates must address the same dilemma: on one hand, voters have enormous faith in the private sector; on the other, they expect the government to provide them with evermore generous entitlements . . . the roots of the problem lay in a single election year, 1936, when Franklin D. Roosevelt systematically established modern political interest groups from unions to artists to senior citizens.”

You can download Ms. Shlaes’ AEI speech at the above link. If you would like to hear Ms. Shlaes in person, she is scheduled to speak at the Heritage Foundation next Tuesday, June 4. RSVP here!


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