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How Much Government Do We Really Want?

South Carolina’s Governor Mark Sanford (R), and member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2001, has an excellent column in The Politico in which he hopes the rounds of Presidential debates will kick off:

"a much larger conversation among the presidential candidates -- and all Americans -- on the vital issue of government spending.

According to Sanford:

Spending is one of those prickly issues that the media has seemed to assign as too boring, the pundits as too complex, and the candidates as too dangerous to really delve into. While that leaves journalists time to focus on the fate of Paris Hilton, this "hear, see and speak no evil" approach to how much government we want in our lives, and how much of it we are really paying for, is extremely dangerous for every one of us who pays taxes.

Governor Sanford closes by writing:

“All Americans should ask ourselves where we sit on that continuum today. My prayer is that we will never sink to the dark side of that path, but that will be determined by the decisions each of us make -- and the decisions one of these presidential candidates may be making in Washington when he is sworn into office.”

HT to David Keating at Club for Growth!


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