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Members of Congress? How About Thieves?

After reading the commentary by Barbara Hollingsworth in yesterday’s Examiner newspaper, you might want to start calling them by other names such as thieves or crooks. Ms. Hollingsworth tried to track down some “simple facts” about three earmarks, but found it “nearly impossible.” She writes::

“When we asked questions about three earmarks worth millions of dollars given to local recipients, nobody seemed to know how the earmarks started or which member of Congress was responsible for them.

“One thing we did find out — members of Congress aren’t the only beneficiaries because federal agencies also get a cut — 10 percent of the total — on many earmarks.”

Ms. Hollingsworth describes in detail the “runaround” she got from Congressional offices and federal agencies as she tried to learn who authorized the payment of millions of taxpayer dollars to local businesses. To say that taxpayers should be outraged is putting it mildly!

The Examiner’s opinion page editor, Mark Tapscott, has a short companion piece in which he identifies several databases which you can use to track earmanks, or pork, as they are more commonly referred to. You'll probably want to bookmark them.


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