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Taxes Don’t Motivate, Eh?

An article by Greg Kaza last week in National Review Online and a comment by the Tax-Guru are good reminders that taxes are still a strong human motivator. The NRO article describes how State Line Road in Texarkana divides Texas and Arkansas. Just one of many economic difference cited by Kaza is that:“(p)er capita personal income in Texas is 94 percent of the U.S. total. In Arkansas, it’s 77 percent.” The reason for the difference?

“While Arkansas and Texas share a common border, each taxes income and capital in radically different ways.”

A few days later, the Tax Guru, a CPA in Arkansas, commented:

“I am amazed at how many people still live in a fairy tale world and deny that taxes at all levels (local, State, Federal) are very powerful motivators for behavior and thus think they can arbitrarily raise taxes with no consequences in the form of taxpayers leaving their jurisdiction.”

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