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When Traveling Near Williamsburg

Yesterday’s Newport News Daily Press reports that VDoT spent $5.75 million “to transform a dumpy place for a potty break into a gleaming new rest area” on westbound I-64, about 25 miles west of Williamsburg.

The paper said that while the new facility may not be luxurious, it certainly has a lot of “conveniences.” And besides, it may have been designed with the “green” Arlington County Board in mind since the newspaper also reports the facility “was built with features to save energy and water, including capturing and reusing rainwater and low-flow water fixtures,” features estimated by VDoT officials to save $16,000 annually.

If you happen to be driving on I-64, please stop at that rest area 25 miles west of Williamsburg and evaluate whether your tax dollars were used wisely. We will report your opinion in a future Growls, and perhaps in a future edition of the Watchdog newsletter.


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