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Advocates of Plunder Again Looking to Virginia Taxpayers

Why should the needs of government take precedence over the needs of Virginia’s taxpayers?

The lead editorial in today’s Richmond Times-Dispatch raises that question based on an analysis by the left-wing Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis and “whispers from the Kaine administration” of a possible $1.2 billion “shortfall” in the Virginia state budget.

The Institute’s solution? Of course, “the state should take a realistic look at its revenue structure.” The editorial rightly translates that into “raising taxes.”

Note this from the Institute’s report:

“State revenue sources are not keeping up with the natural growth of programs that serve Virginians.”

“Natural growth?” There should be “natural growth in government programs? What chutzpah of the left-wing to think that government programs should exhibit a "natural growth."

As British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli noted, “To tax the community for the advantage of a class is not protection, it is plunder.” Why can’t the leftists understand that? Do they even care?


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