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Arlington County Needs Another Government Entity? Not!

The Arlington Sun-Gazette's Scott McCaffrey reported on Tuesday, August 21, that:

“Proponents of the creation of a quasi-independent county housing and redevelopment authority appear to have garnered enough support to send the matter to a countywide referendum, but may have missed their chance - just barely - of getting the measure on the November ballot.

"Supporters of the idea have assembled the required 100 petition signatures that the Code of Virginia requires to bring the matter to referendum.”

McCaffrey also reported:

“The push for a referendum appears to be the work of ArlingtonGreens, of which Reeder is a member. Josh Ruebner, the party's candidate for County Board, has endorsed the idea for a referendum.”

The following day, August 22, McCaffrey reported in the online Sun-Gazette that:

“County Board members have put the brakes on consideration of a referendum to create a quasi-independent housing and redevelopment authority.

“Board members on Aug. 21 opted not to discuss the matter, in public or private, an action that likely pushes back a referendum until 2008.”

The Sun-Gazette reported, Arlington voters “soundly rejected” such a referendum in 1982. Even Board chairman, Paul Ferguson commented wisely, “We are not in favor of creating a new bureaucracy.” Wise words, indeed. [We will keep ACTA members update here and in more detail in coming issues of The ACTA Watchdog newsletter,]


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