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It’s More Than Just The “Abuser Fees”

A report by Matt Sabo in today’s Newport News Daily Press reminds us the abuser fees, which have been much in the news lately, is just one way the 2007 Virginia General Assembly had for plundering Virginia taxpayers to pay for transportation. Sabo notes that come April (January for Northern Virginians and the NVTA):

“a pocketbook-lightening set of fees - including a 5 percent tax on vehicle repairs - is scheduled to go into effect in the Hampton Roads Transportation Authority's realm.

“The new vehicle-repair tax has shop owners on the fringes of the authority's boundaries fretting they're going to lose business to shops in neighboring localities that don't have to impose the taxes and fees.”

That’s in addition to the sales tax (officially a grantors’ tax) homeowners will pay when selling their homes. If you haven’t signed the HB 3202 petition, please do so. Yesterday’s post also had the link to “Ticket the General Assembly” for contact information for your General Assembly legislators.

Tell your Virginia delegate and senator they need to control state spending. For example, the 2006 Update of the Review of State Spending (requires Adobe) from the General Assembly’s own auditors – JLARC (Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee – reported that:

“Adjusting for the effects of inflation (which increased 27 percent between 1997 and 2006) and population growth (Virginia’s population grew 14 percent over the period), the budget increased by 25 percent, an average annual increase of three percent.”

Virginia taxpayers have already paid the taxes, but the politicians haven't learned how to control spending. And stop finding ways to satisfy each and every special interest. The U.S. Senate recently got the message on comprehensive immigration reform; let’s send a message to Virginia’s politicians, too!


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