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Lawsuit Against Arlington Schools Dropped; Taxpayers Lose

David Schultz of the Arlington Connection reports in this week’s paper that:

“A group that seeks to support former homosexuals dropped its lawsuit against Arlington Public Schools last week after the School Board changed its policy on distributing materials to students.”

So how did the taxpayers lose? Schultz concludes his report saying:

“Even though the case was in the courts very briefly, Arlington Public Schools still incurred $13,542 in legal fees, according to Erdos. The lawsuit did not cost PFOX any money, however, because the Center for Law and Religious Freedom represented them on a pro bono basis.”

Well, not exactly! In an e-mail exchange with school officials, ACTA learned that while the settlement involved no financial payment to the plaintiff, the County Attorney defended the case “with the assistance of outside attorneys.” School officials “expect the cost to be approximately $22,000, which includes payment for assistance with the court case as well as substantial assistance to revise the School Board’s Printed Materials policy.”

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported this as an AP dispatch on August 7, 2007. Details of how the lawsuit came about, and why taxpayers are the losers, are in the two newspaper reports.


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