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NVTA: Northern Virginia's Very Own House of Lords

Jeff Dircksen, blogging at the National Taxpayers Union’s blog, Government Bytes, writes the Washington Post is reporting:

“an Arlington County Circuit Court judge has ruled that the Virginia General Assembly can establish regional entities -- in this case, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority -- for the purposes of levying taxes”

Jeff also notes:

“Bob Chase, Director of the Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance, calls the ruling "a good day for the people of Northern Virginia." Well, I suppose that's true, if your definition of a "good day" is a $300 million tax hike imposed by an unelected regional body.”

The Virginia Club for Growth’s has this take on the judge’s decision:

“If the Virginia Supreme Court doesn't overturn this decision on an expedited basis, Virginians will have done a full circle. We will become the subjects of unelected and unaccounted monarchs--only this time, the "monarchs" will be a bunch of do-good liberals and other profit-seeking businesses who plan on fleecing our wallets.”

I thought Virginia helped dump such British ideas as the “House of Lords” over 220 years ago.


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