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Taxes and More Taxes, Fees and More Fees

The politicos of the Hampton Roads Transportation Authority followed their Northern Virginia counterparts in approving the taxes and fees authorized by the 2007 Virginia General Assembly in HB 3202, according to this AP story in today’s Washington Times.

The AP reported that:

“A regional authority approved a set of taxes and fees yesterday to finance Hampton Roads transportation projects but delayed the effective date three months to give the General Assembly time to find alternatives to pay for the projects.

“A number of people had protested the package at two public hearings this week of the Hampton Roads Transportation Authority, a panel of 12 local elected officials the legislature empowered to levy the fees and taxes and build new regional roads.”

If you haven’t yet signed the online petition objecting to the “abusive user fees” that were part of the HB 3202 transportation funding package, please do so. Two grassroots activists have also set-up the website TICKET THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY where you can get more information, including links to the General Assembly where you can obtain contact information for your state legislators.


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