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Their Way or the Highway?

The DC Examiner has already posted this AP story written by Bob Lewis and bylined Richmond that describes a press conference held in Richmond this morning. According to Lewis:

“Anti-tax activists behind a wide-ranging court challenge to the new transportation funding law on Tuesday called for punishing Republican lawmakers who supported the measure, even if it means backing Democrats this fall.”

These four excerpts from Lewis’s report are the most interesting:

  • “’So who's the winner politically in all of this? I would say Gov. Kaine and the Democrats,’ said John Taylor, president of Tertium Quids, an organization of anti-tax libertarians and conservatives who advocate cutting government.”
  • “Robert K. Dean of the Virginia Beach Taxpayer Alliance said members of the Hampton Roads Transportation Authority, who endured hours of invective during public hearings last week, should ‘tell General Assembly members who voted for this horrible piece of skullduggery to go back to their drawing boards and start all over.’”
  • “Former state GOP chairman Patrick M. McSweeney, the Richmond attorney who filed the 13-count lawsuit, dismissed the need for $1 billion under the new law to address an estimated $100 billion in long-term transportation needs. Public investment in transportation should be secondary to private initiatives such as toll roads, he said.”
  • “House Republican Leader H. Morgan Griffith of Salem, a key supporter of the law, described Tuesday's speakers as ‘purists, and they want us to do everything their way.’”

John Taylor, though, has the ‘money’ quote, according to this news release posted at Virginia New Source:

“My goodness. In the last five years the federal budget has grown by a trillion dollars. In the last decade the Virginia budget has grown by 120 percent. In communities across the commonwealth, property taxes are growing by double-digit percentages. And yet, despite this explosion in spending and taxing, according to the politicians the problem we face in Virginia is that we do not have enough layers of government, we do not have enough layers of taxation, and we do not have enough unelected taxing authorities.” Taylor concluded, “Politicians will continue to try to bleed us dry until we put an end to it. We should do that now.”

Taxpayers can contact their General Assembly delegates and senators at Ticket the General Assembly.


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