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Virginia’s New ‘Abuser Fees’ Law Takes Second Hit

Today’s Washington Times reports:

“A second judge in Virginia ruled yesterday that the state’s new ‘abuser fees’ program that singles out resident drivers is unconstitutional.”

The Richmond Times-Dispatch also reported this comment from the presiding judge:

“’I think it's unconstitutional,’ said (Judge Thomas O.) Jones, speaking from the bench. ‘I have no problem with [making that finding]. For me it's an absolute no-brainer.’”

According to the Washington Times report, “lawmakers who previously supported the (transportation finance) plan are calling on Mr. Kaine (Virginia’s Democratic governor) to call a special session to revisit the issue. Mr. Kaine, supported by Republican leaders, has denied the request.”

The office of Virginia Attorney General Robert McDonnell (R) released this press release, which included this:

“This office has stated that the transportation package passed by the General Assembly this session is constitutional. This office is statutorily obligated to defend the constitutionality of measures passed by the General Assembly, unless patently unconstitutional. As a matter of policy, I believe out of state drivers should be subject to the abuser fee law. The proper venue for such a change in public policy is the Virginia General Assembly.”

Taxpayers can fight back. Sign the Repeal the VA "Civil Remedial Fees" for Traffic Offenses online petition. Join over 169,350 Virginians in telling the Governor and the General Assembly to repeal these abusive fees now. Not during the 2008 General Assembly, but now!


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