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Arlington County Board Thinks They’ve Found the ‘Free Lunch’

It seems so after reading about two of their actions on Saturday. Both items are in the online Arlington Sun-Gazette (tree fund and preschools). So who is the Board's latest ‘sugar daddy?’

Why it’s the developers. The Board wants trees? They mandate that developers kick in $2,400 whenever “the required number of trees cannot be planted on site.”

Want more preschools? Why not get the County Manager to “encourage developers to consider adding space for preschools in new projects that come to the board (sic) for review.”

No need to risk overburdening taxpayers; just overburden the commercial interests, instead. Getting taxpayers upset risks their remembering who raised their taxes come the first Tuesday in November when taxpayers exercise their civic duty.

[More information about the tree fund is in the county press release and the Manager’s report to the Board for items 32A and 32B on the Board’s October 13, 2007 agenda.]


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