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Efforts Undertaken to Reduce Tax Burdens

Brianna Cardiff of the National Taxpayers Union comments at Government Bytes on a story in yesterday Wall Street Journal. She notes the article:

“outlines some of Wal-Mart’s strategies to lower the state taxes it pays. The strategies vary from state to state and also in their complexity and risk. Wal-Mart has gone so far as to hire an outside firm to provide them with suggestions for lowering their taxes in certain states. Trying to stay one step ahead would seem to be firms’ object in relation to their competitors – not governments. Yet new strategies need to be constantly developed as states close up loopholes (Wal-Mart is not always popular with states as evidenced by their current court case in North Carolina).”

She goes on to note the:

“situation illustrates the tremendous amount of resources that are consumed by taxes. The time, effort, expense and brain power expended on these strategies could have been used for a multitude of other projects.”

Not to mention having more earnings to pay stockholders high dividends.


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