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Outside of Virginia’s Political Mainstream?

Yesterday, the Virginia-Pilot reported on a poll conducted by Christopher Newport University’s Center for Public Policy, which reported that most Virginians pay too much in local taxes. According to the news report:

61 percent of Virginians believe their city or county taxes are too high, compared to 37 percent who said the local taxes were either about right or too low.

“In contrast, 47 percent said their state taxes are too high and 51 percent said they were either about right or too low.”

Given Arlington County voting patterns over most of the past two decades, that 61-37 split might just about be reversed if only Arlington County residents were surveyed.

HT: Virginia News Source

UPDATE (10/14/07): An editorial in yesterday's Richmond Times-Dispatch noted that the CNU poll:

"shows that Virginians who are asked how they would prefer to balance the state budget prefer cutting spending over raising taxes by a 3-2 margin. They also prefer making the cuts targeted rather than simply slashing budgets across the board.

"Those are encouraging numbers. They suggest citizens have not been taken in by the spurious claim that the state does not tax them enough. Indeed, when confronted by a state budget that grew 20 percent over the past biennial budget thanks in no small part to one of the biggest tax increases in state history, a lot of ordinary citizens find it hard to reconcile such growth with the notion that the state is short of cash."


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