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Rocket Science Not Required

A news article posted at the online Arlington Sun-Gazette noted the Arlington School Board will soon have “hard choices coming.” According to the article:

“That may be the result coming out of an expected decision by Arlington school officials, who are now saying they will have the money to move forward on only one of three long-planned, major construction projects in South Arlington . . . There’s not that much money – it’s just not there,” School Board member Sally Baird told the Sun-Gazette. “We’re not going to build three buildings in the next four years. That’s not going to happen.”

Sheesh! It takes the School Board’s newest member to figure that out?

A comparison of the available CIP funding available, according to a document from Tuesday’s School Board worksession, and page 3 of the adopted FY2007-2012 CIP suggests a potential problem. According to the adopted CIP, $153 million would be available from issuing bonds ($97 million in FY 2008; $56 million in FY 2010; and an unknown amount in FY 2012). Now, APS is projecting that $308 million will be available from the same bond issuances ($122 million, $102 million, and $84 million, respectively).

We’re not privy to all the number crunching going on at Quincy Avenue, but it makes a taxpayer wonder just who is really questioning the numbers that are being crunched.


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