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Budget ‘Shortfall’ in Arlington County?

A news item tucked inside the Examiner two weeks ago got far too little attention from Arlington taxpayers, despite the potential that  it may significantly affect them. The Examiner reported that “Arlington officials are projecting a shortfall of ‘several million’ dollars in Arlington’s 2009.”

While “(t)he exact size of the gap, or if there will be a gap, depends on what the county’s revenues actually are in fiscal 2009 compared to the operating budget the County Board approves for the next fiscal year.”

Additional information about that ‘gap’ should be available for County Board candidates to debate and discuss, along with the Board’s budget guidance to the Manager on the following year’s budget. However, for the past several years, the Board has chosen to defer that information until after the elections. Guess they don’t want to provide voters with too much information as they walk into the election booths.


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