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"More government means less energy, higher costs"

If you’re concerned about the price of gasoline and what $100 a barrel oil will do to the cost of heating your home this winter, don’t expect the big-government liberals in Congress to solve the problem. Pete Sepp, Vice President of Policy and Communications for the National Taxpayers Union, however has some advice for Congress. He writes in an op-ed in Thursday’s DC Examiner:

“Last month, the National Taxpayers Union brought together 234 economists — including a Nobel laureate and individuals from renowned institutions such as Harvard University and the University of Chicago — to sign an open letter urging lawmakers to oppose Congress’ disastrous approach to energy and tax policy.

“All of these distinguished economists reached the same conclusion: More taxes, regulations and subsidies will harm, not help, the future of American energy. Unfortunately, this poisonous formula is exactly what lawmakers have concocted.”

Sepp concludes by saying:

“In the coming weeks, members of Congress should pull the plug on this energy policy of more taxes, restrictions and handouts. As the economists concluded, “By easing regulatory burdens, ending distortions that divert productive capacity, and allowing the price mechanism to do its job, Americans will have far more energy security at a lower cost than any package of taxes, regulations, and subsidies could ever hope to create.”

Some good advice indeed, but don’t expect the big-government liberals in Congress to heed it unless they hear from enough of us taxpayers.


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