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Not Tomorrow. Reform Earmarks Now!

We have repeatedly growled about Congress’ practice of including earmarks for special interests in spending bills (including October 19, 2007 and July 30, 2007) because they are nothing more than Congressional pork – politicians using our money to buy votes to keep themselves in power.

Earlier this month, the National Taxpayers Union and other citizen groups and fiscally conscientious lawmakers gathered “to unveil a 10-part pledge for Members of Congress to actively oppose the practice of ‘earmarking.’” A portion of the statement from the NTU’s Pete Sepp included the following remarks:

"The Earmark Reform Pledge is one of the best ways to recognize lawmakers willing to keep their word to taxpayers ... and to sift out the others who are about nothing but words. It is a respectful pledge of allegiance to fiscal responsibility . . .

“So why aren't those who often complained the loudest about earmarking on the 2006 campaign trail lining up to sign the pledge? Good question, and it's one that will be answered in the next 12 months, before the 2008 election. Those lawmakers who truly care about this issue, on both sides of the aisle, on all kinds of Committees, and in all sorts of leadership roles should step up, pen in hand.

“The naysayers will complain that this pledge is 'simplistic,' and can't account for future circumstances. In reality, the 10 provisions of this plan are carefully considered, and taxpayers can only hope that years from now the pledge will be common budgeting practice. Until then, Americans deserve the protections of the Earmark Reform Pledge, signed, sealed, and delivered from 535 Members of Congress."

Ask Senators Warner and Webb, and Representative Moran to sign the Earmark Reform Pledge. None of the three are likely to sign the pledge, however, without a great deal of grassroots pushing. So visit their webpages, and urge they sign the pledge. Then ask your neighbors to also write them. The following links will take you to Members' webforms:


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