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Raising Your Taxes In the Dead of Night

More than 10 years ago, avid “Board Watchers” advised me to be alert to the end of each Arlington County Board’s meetings. Under “additional items,” the Board often takes up items that may be potentially controversial. Very often, even county activists will have left the Board room. Last night was one of those nights.

After the Board adopted amendments to the Arlington County Code to allow the Board to increase taxes for “certain commercial and industrial properties in Arlington County for transportation purposes,” which was authorized by the 2007 Virginia General Assembly’s infamous HB3202 legislation, the Board took up one of those “additional items.”

Arlington County bureaucrats have been toying with a rainwater tax since at least 2003 although they refer to it as a stormwater or sanitary district tax. The County Manager’s recommendation approved by the Arlington County Board last night, after midnight by the way, was:

“Advertise for a public hearing to be held on December 15, 2007, to amend Chapter 26 of the Code of Arlington County, Virginia, to impose a sanitary district tax rate in the amount of $0.014 per $100 of assessed real property value.”

At the time I write this, there is no link to the Manager’s report to the Board. When it becomes available, I will update this post. I do have an Adobe copy that I can share with you. (e-mail “timwise < @ > verizon.net”). Until then, you can check the November 27 meeting at this County Board webpage.

Time for Tea Party II?

Update (11/30/07): The Arlington Sun-Gazette has posted their story on proposed rainwaater/stormwater tax, and includes a couple quotations from ACTA's president.


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