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How About Learning to Live Within Fiscal Constraints?

Thursday was just the second day of the 2008 General Assembly, but already there’s a call for higher taxes. According to a front-page article in yesterday’s Washington Post metro section:

“All 21 Senate Democrats stood together to call for additional money for transportation, saying that last year’s $1.1 billion compromise did not go far enough.”

Yesterday’s Growls linked to the VACostCutting website. I don’t know if any of those 21 Senators are members of the General Assembly’s cost-cutting caucus, but if they aren’t, I would encourage the 21 to participate in it. Their active participation might result in learning that all of Virginia’s government programs aren’t the most economical, efficient or effective, and, consequently, the money for them could be used more productively for transportation, thus avoiding even calls for increased taxes. 



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