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It’s What They Do, Not What They Say

As always, Virginia taxpayers must take what members of the Virginia General Assembly say with a grain of salt. A very large grain of salt.

As the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star reports, “lawmakers are making lots of noise about how careful they need to be in writing the next two-year budget.” However, the paper also notes that legislators have “introduced a total of $8.7 billion in budget amendments.”

It’s interesting to see the partisan split for that $8.7 billion of spending increases. The paper reports:

  • “In the Senate, Democrats put in a total of $3.5 billion in spending increases for the two-year budget, while Republicans' total rings up at $1.4 billion.”
  • “On the House side, delegates proposed $3.8 billion in additional spending amendments; $2.6 billion for Republicans and $1.3 billion for Democrats.”

HT to the Free Lance-Star for providing the link to the Virginia state budget.


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