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Just How Far Left Does the New York Times Lean?

If their “Charity Begins in Washington” editorial yesterday is any indication, it leans so far to the left that we can call them socialists. Consider:

“Yet we’d be so much happier about all the good things America’s moneyed elite pay for if the government made needed public investments.

“The flip side of American private largess is the stinginess of the public sector. Philanthropic contributions in the United States — about $300 billion in 2006 — probably exceed those of any other country. By contrast, America’s tax take is nearly the lowest in the industrial world. Federal, state and local tax collections amount to just more than 25.5 percent of the nation’s economic output. The Finnish government collects 48.8 percent. As a result, the United States spends less on social programs than virtually every other rich industrial country, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The Finnish government probably has money to build children’s health clinics.

“Critics of government spending argue that America’s private sector does a better job making socially necessary investments. But it doesn’t. Public spending is allocated democratically among competing demands. Rich benefactors can spend on anything they want, and they tend to spend on projects close to their hearts.”

Coyote asks "does anyone actually believe that Congress does a better job spending your money than you do?” And later asks, “Has anyone looked at the last highway bill?  How many tens of thousands of politically motivated earmarks were there?”

RadClown, another blogger, has perhaps the wisest observation, however: “This editorial alone reveals their contempt for individual liberty. We can be thankful their circulation continues to dwindle.”


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