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Not Just Greedy, But Uncaring, Too

Yesterday, we growled about the greed of Arlington County government, pointing out that tax collections by the country grew from $331.9 million in 1998 to $714.4 million in 2007, an increase of 115.3%. We also pointed out that if the taxes had grown at the rate of inflation, that $331.9 million would have increased to $427.9 million. The bottom line, we growled, is that local government in Arlington County over-collected $286.5 million of our taxes.

Now Arlington County proudly points out that its so-called “vision” includes being a “caring” community. So how much does Arlington County really care about the welfare of its taxpayers?

The answer is “not much!” Page 179 of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for 2007 along with data from Table D-2, which we referenced yesterday, contains the proof. The fact is that in 1998 county residents paid $1,778 per capita in taxes with a per capita income of $43,554. In 2007, the comparable numbers were $3,488 and $63,500, respectively.

The bottom line, however, is that taxes per capita increased 96.2% over the ten-year period, but income per capita increased by only 45.8%. So, Arlington County Board, where is the "caring" in your so-called vision?


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