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Politicians Trying to Have It Both Ways

The editorialists in today’s Virginian Pilot try to justify Gov. Tim Kaine’s grab of money that has been “squirreled away for transportation” with a justification for raising the gas tax by invoking some advice from retiring Sen. John Chichester (R).

A bit of background. Gov. Kaine (D) is trying to find money to pay for two pet projects: pre-kindergarten and mental health programs. Unfortunately, the newspaper reports that “tax collections (have) slowed to a trickle.” At the same time, the paper reports the governor’s position is that it will be a couple of years before construction on the transportation projects can begin, i.e., justifying use of that bankrolled money for his pet project and paying for the transportation projects with future surpluses.

That all nice and good, but if Gov. Kaine wants his pet projects so much, let him propose a tax increase to pay for them rather than trying some budget sleight-of-hands. 



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