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“Rich States Grow Faster by Taxing Less”

A simple, common sense concept, but so difficult, apparently, for politicians to understand.

Earlier this week, an editorial in the DC Examiner had just that title. The editorial was based on a new book by noted economic adviser Arthur Laffer and economist Stephen Moore with the Wall Street Journal. In the book, Laffer and Moore:

“analyze the real-life consequences of the tax and spending policies in all 50 states. Laffer and Moore also explain why a record 8 million Americans — more than 1,000 per day — packed up all their worldly possessions in 2006 and moved to high-growth states, which more often than not are those with the lowest tax burdens.”

Virginia is ranked 6th among the 50 states for economic growth while neighboring Maryland, which recently passed its largest tax increase in history, is ranked 32nd. With the Virginia General Assembly set to begin its so-called “long session” next week, the Examiner notes:

“The greatest challenge for Virginia lawmakers will be to resist seeking new or increased taxes. In contrast, Maryland’s future economic outlook is much bleaker than Virginia’s . . .”

The Laffer/Moore book is available for purchase or download at the website of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Arlington taxpayers are urged to contact their Virginia legislators; contact information is available at the Virginia General Assembly website. Tell them your taxes are high enough; rather they need to better prioritize existing revenues.


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