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Run The County, Not Our Lives

The ‘below-the-fold’ headline of yesterday’s Metro section of the Washington Post read:

“Targeting Smoking, Trans Fat and Cars: Arlington Board Chairman Puts Lifestyle Issues on County’s Agenda.”

The article, reported by Kirsten Downey, admitted, however, it is “an activist, and potentially controversial, agenda for 2008.” Thankfully, Virginia is a Dillon Rule state; consequently, as the Post notes: 

“Arlington could not impose outright bans on trans fat or smoking in public places, as governments elsewhere have done.”

About the targeting of our cars, the Post reports: 

“Board member Jay Fisette (D) will lead Arlington's effort to promote what Tejada called a "car-free diet." Fisette displayed a T-shirt with the slogan, "I lost 2,000 pounds in one day," and referred people to a county Web site, www.carfreediet.com, which calculates how much money people could save by getting rid of their car and how much weight they could lose.”

While the Post focused on how the county plans, Nanny-like, to run our lives, the online Arlington Sun-Gazette noted that new chairman Walter Tejada at least mentioned what most taxpayers consider the important things that county legislator should be concerned with such as crime rates, tax rates, and municipal credit ratings.

For the county’s spin on the Board “life style agenda,” see this press release.


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