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Thank The Parents Sending Kids to Private Schools

A blogger at VACostCutting, maintained among others by Del. Chris Saxon (R-Stauton) answers the question of just how much do parents save Virginia taxpayers by sending their K-12 kids to private school or by homeschooling them. Take a guess.

For the record, abut 125,000 K-12 students attend private schools and about 24,000 kids are home schooled. Virginia spends between $3,750 and $4,229 per student, depending on such add-ons as special education, English as a Second Language, etc. The blogger writes:

“Do the math and you arrive at a cost between $468 million and $531 million dollars.

“Do the same math for home schooled children and you get a figure between $90 million and $101.5 million dollars. Overall, kids educated in private schools and home schools saved the Commonwealth between $558 and $632.5 million per year.”

If Virginia taxpayers are saving because some parents are sending their children to private schools or home schooling their children, wouldn’t it be wise to offer those parents tax credits for doing so? Taxpayers actually save even more when you consider the local taxes avoided because some parents believe that private schools or home schooling are better for their children.


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