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Greens and Your Liberty

On his show on WMAL radio (630 AM) this evening, Mark Levin read portions from an opinion piece by Brendan O’Neill in today’s Guardian newspaper of how "environmentalists want to curb our freedom far more than the government's anti-terrorist laws ever will." Following are several paragraphs from Mr. O’Neill’s column:

“Imagine a society where simply speaking out of turn or saying the "wrong thing" was openly discussed as a crime against humanity, and where sceptics or deniers of the truth were publicly labelled "criminals", hauled before the press and accused of endangering humanity with their grotesque untruths.”


“Surely no one would put up with such a society? Yet today, all of the above things are happening – under what we might call the tyranny of environmentalism – and people are putting up with it.”

“In the current debate on liberty, we hear a lot about the attack on our democratic rights by the government's security agenda, but little about the grave impact of environmentalism on the fabric of freedom. It seems to me that green thinking – with its shrill intolerance of dissenting views, its deep distaste for free movement and free choice, and its view of individuals, not as history-makers, but as filthy polluters – poses a more profound threat to liberty even than the government's paranoid anti-terrorist agenda.”


“But perhaps the main way that environmentalism undermines the culture of freedom is by its ceaseless promotion of guilt. In the environmentalist era, we are no longer really free citizens, so much as potential polluters. We are continually told – by government, by commentators, by radical activists – that everything we do, from wearing disposable nappies to using deodorant to allowing ourselves to be cremated, is harmful to our surroundings.”

Read O’Neill’s entire column to better understand how many in the environmental movement are helping to destroy our freedoms and liberty.

HT to the Mark Levin Show and bloggers at National Review Online.


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