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Yogi Berra & The U.S. Congress

It’s a shame no one asked Yogi for his thoughts about the U.S. Congress. Someone wise enough to say, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it,” would certainly be able to give meaning to the latest BillTally report from  the National Taxpayers Union. According to the NTU:

“Lawmakers in the first session of the 110th Congress introduced more savings bills than recent Congresses, but for each single step toward fiscal responsibility with a bill to reduce the federal budget, Representatives and Senators introduced 22 bills and 30 bills, respectively, to increase it.”

The NTU’s Demian Brady, who authored the study, may have been tempted to repeat Yogi, but instead, Brady said this about the analysis:

"Although there are some signs that more lawmakers in the 110th Congress are seeking out ways to trim expenditures, these steps have been halting and erratic . . . The  majority of Congressional Members sponsor a mix of legislation that would, on net, result in new spending, thereby increasing the strain on the budget and the burden on taxpayers."

And just how much would the wishes of Members Congress cost Americas’s taxpayer?

“Excluding overlapping legislation, if the House passed all of the bills introduced in 2007, annual federal outlays would add a burden of $14,802 to every household (a $1.7 trillion increase overall). In the Senate, all non-overlapping bills would pile an additional $9,857 on every household (a $1.1 trillion total increase).”

Use both "related links" at the bottom of the press release to look at the entire report and its many appendices. The results for Arlington’s three Members of Congress were (dollars in millions):

                            Increases    Decreases    Net

Sen. John Warner      $11,448        $0           $11,448
Sen. Jim Webb          $6,806      <$240>       $6,566
Rep. Jim Moran         $116,527    <$2,103>    $114,424


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