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More on Arlington County Revenues

On Monday, we growled about the effect changes in state revenues have on the Arlington County budgets, noting the county expects to receive $64.2 million from the Commonwealth, about 7%, in FY 2009. In addition, the biennial state budget requires that localities divvy-up a reduction of $50 million in state aid to local governments. Further research shows that Arlington County will take a hit of almost $1.2 million for each of the two years of the biennium, according to Virginia's Department of Planning and Budgeting (requires Adobe).

Let’s take a closer look at where Arlington gets some of its revenue, taken from Arlington’s FY 2009 Adopted Budget.

Source                             FY2009 Adopted/% Increase/% of Total

Real Estate Tax                    $486.2 million/8.4%/51.6%
Personal Property Tax            97.2 million/10.3%/1.4%
Sales Tax                                   36.5 million/4.0%/3.9%
Meals Tax                                  30.3 million/5.2%/3.2%
Total Taxes                               763.4 million/7.6%/81.0%
Charges for Services                 40.7 million/10.9%/4.3%
Revenue from State                  64.2 million/2.6%/6.8%
Revenue from Fed. Govt            9.9 million/2.1%/2.1%
Prior Year Fund Balance           16.8 million//22.6%/1.8%

Let’s put the Arlington County budget into a bit of context by computing the total revenue per capita for FY 2007 from data available at the website of the Virginia Auditor of Public Accounts for Arlington and Fairfax counties:

                                                      Arlington    Fairfax

Local Revenue per capita        $3,818.32    $3,194.03
Total Revenue per capita        $4,802.10    $4,188.59

Are Arlington taxpayers getting over $600 per capita more benefits from the Arlington County government than do taxpayers in Fairfax County? Some overburdened Arlington taxpayers would like to know!


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