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Time to Stop Beating That Dead Horse

When the Arlington County Board adopted the FY 2008 budget in April 2007, the Board approved “a new, dedicated residential utility tax on electricity and natural gas consumption, capped at a maximum of $3 per month for each utility” so the Board could pay for its “major environmental initiative to reduce County-wide carbon emissions, Arlington Initiative for Reducing Emissions (AIRE) (that) is being implemented in FY 2008,” according to page 5 of the county's FY 2007 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

So most Arlington residents are being taxed $72 a year so the County Board can bow to  the anthropogenic global warming alarmists, not to mention the scheme it concocted to subsidize owners of Prius and similar “clean emission vehicles.”

The global warming horse isn’t dead yet, but it seems to be on its last legs. According to a recent issue of Energy Times (HT August 16 newsletter from the Science & Environmental Policy Project):

“Measurements by four major temperature tracking outlets reported that world temperatures dropped by about 0.65° C to 0.75° C during 2007, the fastest temperature changes ever recorded (either up or down). The cooling approached the total of all warming that occurred over the past 100 years, which is commonly estimated at about 1° C. Antarctic sea ice expanded by about 1 million square kilometers – more than the 28-year average since altimeter satellite monitoring began.”

The article also reports:

“Based upon current solar data, the Russian Pulkovo Observatory concludes that Earth has passed its latest warming cycle, and predicts that a fairly cold period will set in by 2012. Temperatures may drop much lower by 2041, and remain very cold for 50 to 60 years.”

Doug Ross @ Journal says, “Believers in anthropogenic global warming (AGW) have some ‘splaining to do” while presenting a number of graphics showing that Arctic sea ice has “increased by approximately 30%.” To compare daily sea ice in 2007 and 2008, see this graphic:

And, according to an article linked at the blogsite maintained by Senator James Imhofe (R-OK), “a new poll suggests public concern over (global warming) has ebbed since last year.” Finally, from Astute Bloggers and Canada Free Press comes news that global warming alarmist Richard Littlemore conceded defeat in a radio debate with the Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, a global warming skeptic. To hear the debate, visit Liberty News Central.

Something to remember the next time we’re paying our utility bills. And just so members of the Arlington County Board can feel good that they are doing something to help the planet.


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