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News You Can Use

I’d guess that most blog readers have a fairly short list of sites to visit each and every day. If you have a list of blogs that you regularly read, you may want to consider adding Tertium Quids. There are a number of reasons for visiting TQ on a regular basis, including the following recent examples:

  • Blog Talk Radio where Norm Leahy conducts extended interviews each week with knowledgeable guests on topics that too often interest our wallets, e.g., fixing transportation, the economics of politics, and cleaning the budget stables. Use the icon in the right column of Tertium Quids to listen.
  • Choice, Education, and NCLB where Norm comments about, and links to, a debate between the education spokespeople of the McCain and Obama campaigns.
  • Smarter Budget Cutting where Norm points to South Carolina‘s Gov. Mark Sanford regarding sensible budget cutting.
  • Adding to Virginia’s Vocabulary in which Norm has fun with a couple of new words or phrases from Arlington County, i.e., ‘civic charisma’ and ‘Arlogance,’ Arlington’s brand of arrogance.

Take a look at the Tertium Quids blog where Norm Leahy is joined by other TQ leaders to provide viewpoints that taxpayers won’t find very often in the mainstream media.


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